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  • What time is check-in and check-out at our unusual accommodation?
    Check-in starts at 17:00 and ends at 20:00. Check-out is at 11:00. Unfortunately it is not possible to come earlier and stay later.
  • What is the difference between the water bubble and the Pre bubble?
    Their location. The water bubble is located next to the river, while the bubble meadow is located opposite the meadows where the horses run around.
  • Do the accommodations have wifi?
    To offer you a unique experience and a moment of disconnection, our accommodation does not have internet.
  • Do the bubbles have showers?
    No. These only have a washbasin and a traditional toilet.
  • Can we come with our baby or our children to the Moulin des Saules?
    Unfortunately, our accommodation is only suitable for two people. We do not have the necessary equipment to accommodate babies and children.
  • How are your bubbles and cabins equipped?
    The bubbles have a table and chairs, a king size bed, a traditional toilet, a sink and a heater for cold nights. The cabins have a kitchen area with fridge and microwave, a king size bed, a bathroom, a traditional toilet and a table area with chairs.
  • Are animals accepted in the cabin and in the bubble?
    Even if we love them with all our heart, animals are not accepted. Their claws could damage our accommodation against their will.
  • Do you offer an evening meal at Moulin des Saules?
    No, we do not offer evening meals. However, there are many restaurants in the vicinity of our domain. Feel free to check out our instagram story "restaurants" to find the establishment of your dreams. Here is a non-exhaustive list: - La Pâte à Nous (750m): Bourgeois cuisine - - Chez Louis (1.8km) : French cuisine in a rather chic setting - - Le Bon Moment (2 km) : French cuisine - - Les Herbes Thai (4.6km): Thai cuisine - - Maison Bertrand (4.6km): Excellent for meat - - Aux Petits Oignons (6.6km): Gourmet cuisine - - Le Damison (9.4km): Gastronomic cuisine - - Wine up (5.5km): Wine bar and planks - Les Saveurs d'Emeline (280m): Catering and plates - - Le sixième (4.9km): French cuisine - - Bol & Hop: Catering
  • Is breakfast included in the price of the unusual accommodation night?
    No, this is an additional option. We offer a sweet, local, artisanal breakfast for €35 for 2 people. To add this to your overnight stay, when booking, click on the BREAKFAST option.
  • Is the jacuzzi accessible all year round?
    Yes, we have made sure that the hot tubs are accessible all year round and we have protected them.
  • Is your domain open all year round?
    Of course! It is open 7 days a week.
  • How can I offer an unusual night in the form of a gift voucher?
    By filling in the form here ➡️ Then we send you an email with the price to pay. Once we have received the proof of payment, we will send you the gift voucher by email.
  • What are the general conditions and the cancellation conditions?
    For cancellations : In case of cancellation 30 days before the date of the stay: no fee will be charged. In case of cancellation between 29 days and 8 days before the date of the stay: 40 € of administrative costs will be charged to you. In case of cancellation less than 7 days before the date of the stay or no-show: 100% of the amount will be charged. For general conditions: Find our conditions here ➡️ general conditions
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